Audi A5 Sportback

Hello, everyone
This is my first 3D car project so feel free to comment
Some pics:

Update: Current progress:


Still beed to add more light sources but this is first color render…

Good start! And one very important advice at the beginning: DON’T get carried away by doing color renders, when you’re not finished with basic body. It distracts you and you model slower. Just my 2 cents :wink:

On topic: Looks good so far. A few unnecessary edgeloops behind the wheel arch and the overall distribution of edges could need some adjustments.

Other than that, keep going!

One more, this time lowres render…

OK guys I’m back, continuing my work.
Here are some pics:

Front Wireframe (sorry for low visibility :D)

Back Wireframe

And render of wheels I’ve made for my model :smiley:

This exact model is my favourite audi I gues… Great progress so far! :slight_smile: I really like the rubber shader


First 3D car and you’ve done it so well! Like the rubber shader :smiley:

good job on the rims but I would highly suggest modeling stock/aftermarket tires. The good year eagle tire that appears in the BG tut is highly over used. At you can search for a tire model by brand, and they have a profile and tread view of the tire. While still low resolution, these are VERY helpful and still visible. On an audi like this. A sort of sports sedan, I would suggest some yokahamas or firestones. Michilen and good year are too over used, unless that is what comes with the car. If you want to increase the sportyness of this car you might try some toyos, but being that this is not an actual sports car or SUV, I would personally avoid pirelli, just being that it is an icon of sports cars.

One last thing I notice is that your tires seem really thin. I would select the tire and rim and press Ctrl+A > scale, then look up the dimensions of the tires that belong on this car, then after adjusting the scale, if they are still too small, scale them up. Likely you have 7" wide front tires and 8.5" rear tires, but its hard to say without looking it up to be sure.

looking good man. keep up the good work.

Really good work but I would work on the lighting a bit. The way it is reflecting on the car doesn’t look to good. Try changing the intensity of the light or make it a soft light.

Looking good! Just work with the car body material.

nicely done for your first car!

Worst lighting ever!!! :DDD

Here, render with new tires, check it out and comment, it was fast modeling and fast render cus i don’t have much time for 3D ;)…

There’s a problem with bump map on tires cus i didn’t had enough time to fine tune them:)

Here’s one HQ render 1920x1080 (2000 Samples)…

Please tell me what do you think about new tires and lighing.


Looks nice and clean.

Nice work man

Here’s one update after a while.
I had to re-model Headlights and they look much better now.
I still have to play a bit with these leds (They look really bad ) :smiley:

Love it! You did a really great job! This is awesome :slight_smile:

I looked the wireframe images and I noticed that you used ngons. I think you should avoid ngons.