Audi A6

started the audi A6 today
here’s what I got:
Thats 4h work or so.


C&C welcome.


Looking nice. No funky creases, or anything out of place…
Cant wait to see where this goes…

not bad…so far
my 2cents: the front grille has too many unnecessary verts, try to get rid of them.
for now the body is too round, you can define spots with loopcuts/edgeloops to sharpen them, or model edges

watchin’ this one :slight_smile:

Ok here’s an update:

And the wire:


cough don’t forget to vote what you think of it cough

Not exactly what I would drive in but still good looking.

hmm…vote…2 stars…
:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: JK 4 stars. I think they should rework the voting system. I mean, why have a vote for terrible? Just dont vote at all, you know? 4 stars from me means excellent(5 is amazing)
Still looking good, nice progress

quick material:


Material is iffy, of course, it is a quick one. I like the model(still ;))
keep it up.

The material has too much white in it- looks like it’s coming from that light blue shade in the mix node. Darken that a little bit and it’ll look much better (just my opinion). You seem to have a nack (sp?) for modeling cars. I’ll rate once you make more progress.

good work man!keep it up!4 stars from me!

New update:

Other Progress can be found HERE

Not a bad start. Be careful with your edgeloops, if you place them right from the start it makes adjusting the light lines / curves a lot easier, and is much easier to sharpen soften the edges.