Audi A8 (W.I.P.)

Hi All,

This is my first post in this forum, so I would like to beggin with this job that I’m enjoying a lot to do it. This is also my first model made with blueprint, it’s not so easy like we think when starting, but it still going.

This is the progress so far.

And this is for those who loves wires…

C&C are welcome!!

Yay, I love wires!

I always wondered how the mesh for those car models looked.
It looks great. You’ve got an eye for detail.

great work

just outa curiosity, how did u render that wire like that?

wow! this is good! especially for your first car( /w blueprints) :wink:
I see your familiar with edge loops, good thing thumbsup
looking forward for updates.
keep on blending! :slight_smile:

Great start. Your wires are very clean, the render too. Keep it up!
Just for information; the A8 had a little facelift. It now has a “single frame grille” on it (as you can see in the picture).



jow duia!

I was wondering: how do you create the box-background:D
I mean your 3-part-background.
Can yuo do this in Blender?

UV-mapped planes with image texture on them. There’s even a python script for doing that(rotox or something like that can’t remember). Much faster than the background images.

As for the model, very clean looking mesh. Not much to comment right now. Perhaps at later stage. :slight_smile:

Hi Fellows,

What can I say…Better late than later!!! rsrsrs

Thank you all for the comments and crits.

vitaly:You have a button close to the layers buttons with a small picture on it. just press it!! If you want same like the render image zoom in 4x +/-. And Voila!!

gallardo: Nice picture man, but I’m modeling the one before the face lift. Maybe later a make a face lift on mine as well…:wink:

Maxu07: Yep! Brow. We can do it in Blender. Search in the BlenderArt Mag. Issue #5 and you will find a nice toturial how do it.

Bellow some progress in the model.

And the wire as usual.

Waiting for your C&C’s. Thank you all!!

nice, clean modeling. keep it up, looking forward to an update.


Nice modeling!

Waiting for next step!

Great work!
I am myself doing a BMW M3, my first car model.
I don’t know what edgeloops are but i am searching around the net for it.
Your wires are very good reference to me, now i can see how a car should be modelled.
Good luck with your car!

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Nice moddeling there keep up the good work.

Can you please explain to me how to make a background like that for reference moddeling i would be most greatful for your help on how to do it.

have a look at this (page 40):

Hello again Fellows,

Thank you all for the nice comments, good you all are enjoying my model. I’ve made some update in the front, there are some small things to fix, basically in the headlights, but I’m almost there…

Keep commenting.

Hi everione,

Finally some update. Fog light, Wheels and fixed the head light glass.

Hope you enjoy it!!

By the way! The tire still WIP, I’m working in it.

Good modeling.How you make that shiny reflect on body paint?:rolleyes: