Audi Allroad extra pic (26/11)

(hannibar) #1

Update : go to second page

It’s an Audi Allroad Quattro.
Modelled in blender, rendered in Lightwave.

version without noise

both of them on html

hope you like it.

C&S are welcome.

(CurtisS) #2

Holy SH*T!! That is beautiful!! Definately add that to your portfolio!!

Now to be a little picky… the tires to too fat kid of like toy tires. Make them have a lower profile. I also would like to see a little less depth of field blur. Most real car shots use pretty deep depth of field. Other then that, awesome!

(S68) #3

:o :o :o

Your cheating, that’s a photo!


(kaktuswasse) #4

DAMNIT! That’s so fucking real!! :o :o

cya henrik

(PowerMacG4) #5

How do you render in Lightwave? I have Lightwave 5.6 on IRIX. Can yah pass of info?

(0ptikz) #6

Duuuuuude, Sweet :smiley:

Now tell me, how the hell do you get a model from Blender into Lightwave, I just got version 7 and I think that my lotus would look loads better if it got the LW treatment… :smiley:

…One thing I would suggest tho’, Render it at double or even triple size and then scale it down in photoshop, that way you’ll banish the aliasing on the front of the car :wink:

Overall, beautiful.

(adyus) #7

:o (where is that dropping mouth when you need it?)

SO cool! SO real! you should post it on the Lightwave gallery, it’s tefinitely there with the best of em. Can you achieve the same results with a free renderer(povray, lightflow, etc) or must u pay money for such perfection? I may get LW soon, so please tell us all how you imported/rendered

(Eric) #8

Great render, something makes me think it’s very small instead of being full size. Probably because of the DOF.

(bmax) #9

open up layout, go to file>render options and set what you want to render and how, close the window and press f9 to render the current frame.

shame on you! :x i dont own lightwave and know how to use it better than you! :-? that doesnt make sense…

lovely work hannibar!!
congrats! :smiley:
you gotta love lightwave! 8)

…and blender too

…if you cant afford lw

…like me

…love the car though, looks like a photo! :smiley:

(bmax) #10
  • woops, one crit: the wheels look too much like a childrens’ plastic tractor toy thing, and they stick out too much on the sides. Ive seen lots of audis, and none of them had the wheels coming out that far…good work nevertheless. :smiley:

(PowerMacG4) #11

open up layout, go to file>render options and set what you want to render and how, close the window and press f9 to render the current frame.

I meant to say "How do you render Blender files in Lightwave. I’m trying the export scripts, but they like they don’t work to well on IRIX, might just be a Windows thingy.

(hannibar) #12

CurtisS : I’m going to put some effort in the tires. Right now I used a bumpmap. It’s even set at 2500%! So I will model a nice tire.

[email protected] : Export to VRML1, load that into crossroads, export to .obj. Load that into modeller, and save as .lwo . Lots of work, but thats the only solution that works for me. Thanks for the anti-aliasing tip. I will do a rerender overnight then :slight_smile:

adyus : I think it can be done with a free renderer, I just don’t know how :slight_smile: I use lightflow 1 because I have it 2 because the renderer has a nice interface and is easy to use.

Eric : I’ll lower it in the next update.

(Friday13) #13

Wow, that looks so very real…can we see a raytraced blender image too? (with postprocessing, to compare :stuck_out_tongue: )

(valarking) #14

the front plate says “hannibal” instead of “hannibar”

(hannibar) #15

Yup. Hannibal is how my friends sometimes call me. On the net I don’t want to use that nick because it isn’t very original anymore. Most of the time it is allready taken.

(Al_Capone) #16

I guess nobody ever visit my site, I’m so heart :frowning:

(hannibar) #17

Here’s an update.

I modelled the tires now instead of using a bumpmap, I lowered the DOF a bit, changed the number plate materials, and moved the wheels a bit more inside. Hope you like it.


by the way : I received 3 stars on cgtalk!!! /me is very proud :smiley:

(Friday13) #18

Wow…the tires look much better…this is just amazing.

(hannibar) #19

Here’s another render. Added grass, added sky, made an interesting sepia effect.


(hannibar) #20

This is probably the last pic from the audi that I will post. I will stop bugging you with it now :smiley: . I’m also pretty tired of the scene.

I made a version with a shinier reflection. Result here.

(second pic on that page)