Audi Q7 2016

This Audi was done as a freelance project. It’s 1 605 635 tris without smoothing.
Rendered with Cycles.

It look very good. Was it model for game or for advertisement?

Thank you!
It was made for further reselling. I made it with advertisement quality in mind.

Wow, just wow! Enough said. :slight_smile:

That modelling looks pretty great. I think I would have enjoyed it more with the headlights on.
One critique is that an outside hdr map usually doesn’t fit the best with a plain studio background. It can be done, but here it was a bit distracting to me. (The renders could also use a few more samples for the interior.)

Very Nice!!

Thank you guys!

I totally agree! This rendering was done just for fun but that’s not excuse. I would love to spent more time with studio setup but I need to work on my bachelor thesis.

Oh come! Seriously ??? For a game ? It`s 1 605 635 tris. Wayyyy too much

Nice render!!!

Just wait for the Nvidia GTX 1K to come out

Damned fine work. The taillights do look fake, though.