Audi Q7

Hey guys!!

Audi Q7 - my favorite 4X4 car. My hands were itching to model this car for a long time now. WelI,here it is. I decided to call the project finished.

Enjoy the ride. :slight_smile:


Multi-angle post? Otherwise, looks pretty nice :slight_smile:

The rims look a bit too big… To be realistic… the tires would be too wide to make turns without scrubbing. Once you hit 22" the width of most rims gets pretty wide. Scale them to look more like 20" rims

Taking a second look… It looks like the front wheels would hit the fenders.

Aside from that, it’s a nice model. :slight_smile:

Hey thanks guys! I know the model is not perfect . About the wide tyres…I took the idea from the image below. It doesnt touch anything - I’ve checked by actually turning the wheel.

I dont know if I will post more than 1 view this time - I am not really happy with the way the back side looks, even though its totally modeled.

Anyway…I will try to make my next car better than this one. (want to stick to making cars for now…till I make something really good)

Thanks again everyone.

Take care


Is that latest the model just in white… or real picture of reference. If it is the real thingie… yay… thats nice work. The black one just doestn work.

excellent work!

Hey thanks guys!
Eradicor: This is the ref picture…unfortunately.
I dont want to spend too much time with this…it was just a test run for me, just to see if I can actually model a car. To play with the technics and stuff…but I wanna give my best to the next one :slight_smile:
Thanks everyone

Drop a little less shadow on the bonnet.

And by the way, I noted an mistyped line:

Audi Q7 - (your favorite) 4X4 car, but the Q7 just can’t go offroad.
Why does people believe this?
Because it stands high(er) on it’s wheels?

The only proper cars that can go offroad is:
Land Rover Discovery & Toyota Land Cruiser

And by the way: I know 4 x 4 is that it is (the “power”) forced to all four axls, but generally people associate this with offroad.