Audi Q8 2018 FINISHED

This is the project I’ve been working on the laste 1.5 month, as I’ve already mentioned here
Everything 100% made in Blender. Renderer with Cycles Optix 2000 samples and Open Image Denoiser. Minor tweaking in Photoshop. C&C always welcome!


That audi looks so cool. Great job! i like the reflections too. something you could add is to make the inside visable from the windows. i know this will take a long time to do so, but think about it. it will look so realisic if the inside is also a little bit visiable. still keep the black windows, just make them a little bit seetrough and add some details on the inside.

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looks amazing! you should do the interior too

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Thanks @DSGAME and @bnine
I’m seriously thinking about proceeding to the interior. This car could be put for sale at some point, so, a decent interior would be a huge plus.

And another one with DOF


Another one in Venetian Crossroads (by HDRI Haven).

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I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

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The model is available in Gumroad and blendermarket