Audi Q8 2018 W.I.P

I’m uploading my latest project. The last 3 weeks I’ve been modelling an Audi Q8 from scratch. Everything is 100% done in Blender. Today, I added some basic materials and tried a few renders to see how it’s showing on screen. I hope I’ll be able to finish it in a reasonable time from now. There are many things to be done, and some of them are a headache, like the front and back lights etc.

I’d like your input about the results so far, and how can this model (when fully completed, of course) be promoted as a model. My previous experience in this field was disappointing…

I’d like to add that my route with car modelling starts way back, maybe 8-9 years ago. Though I’ve used various software up to now, both nurbs and polygon based, this is the first project I really hope to complete.
The techniques used are a mix of polygon modelling tricks (I’ve watched Chris Plush’s tutorials online in Udemy and various others) and tricks learned while modelling with nurbs (Rhino and Alias). The basic one of course is the shrinkwrap method, used in all major surfaces.

That’s it for now. I’ll be posting when my progress is measurable…

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Side mirrors are ready…

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A small progress today, but it starts to look like a car after all…

Recent additions:

  • Door handles
  • Side mirrors
  • Basic underbody
  • Intercooler grid
  • Fake radiators, main and intercooler, with the image as plane method. I really liked it. It looks real with the simple use of photos and minimal faces.

Front windshield wipers, check… :white_check_mark:

Test Render Wipers

Front Brake Disks

How did you made your zebra image?

Go to the Matcaps (shading Options, upper right corner in the viewport), and you will find two zebra matcaps in 2.93, one horizontal and one vertical.

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Basic brake calipers for the front wheels are ready:

Front and rear brake disks and calibers are ready

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Headlights are ready. What a headache…

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Well, this looks awesome to me. I am having problems getting clean geo so I tip my hat to you.

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Most parts are finished. I added the tyre side shaders and adjusted the whole shader again.
Most exterior details are done (cuts, sensors etc). I’ll probably add a simple interior.


That’s so good that not putting some interior detail in would be a shame. I don’t mean a fully detailed interior, just enough to ensure that exterior views from any angle are convincing.

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Thank you very much. The car is already finished and it does have a simple interior. For more information check here