Audi R8 2008

I’ve modeled a lot of cars in blender, not very many good ones, but i’m currently modeling an Audi r8, one of my favourite cars, and i’m going to try to make it really good, any way here’s what ive modeled so far, any C&C or feedback welcome


That is a pretty impressive start - I can’t pick anything to improve on.

i like it soo far :smiley: …but i gotta tell you to lose the license plate thing…cause when ure done i think it might look abit bad…

why would it look bad i thought it looked great lol

With the number plate, I did the same thing when I modeled my focus.
I like it, and without a number plate you’d loose realism in the end anyway as it wouldn’t be allowed on the road without one!

Nice clean start, hope to see it develop :slight_smile:

update. started work on the roof and back, still obviously needs a LOT of work


bope i guess im weird then :stuck_out_tongue: …nic job anyway :smiley: