Audi R8 4.2

Hello Everyone, I am quite new to the Forum. I have modeled the First Generation Audi R8 4.2 and in my opinion the best looking R8 by far. This is the third Car that I have modeled in blender. Here are some pictures, I’d really like some pointers on how to improve as well as learning new and interesting tricks in blender. Recently I’ve cleared out my schedule for blender hoping to gain more ground skill wise. The panel gaps are still a bit weird and I’m having trouble modeling the rims (some pointers and help would be appreciated :yes:). Still not sure about how I would model the interior windows and lights since I’m still rather in experienced with blender.


Very nice so far, that is pretty good progress.
The corners are a little too rounded though, you could try using solidify and then apply a bevel to the edges to give it a sharper look.
If you want to save polygons after solidifying you could delete the inner faces.

For rims I use a mirror and array modifier. I can’t really explain well, but the video from BlenderGuru is pretty good at explaining how to do it

For the lights, you would need to look at a lot of reference photos. Break up what you see into different components so you have a better idea of what the lights look like.

For interior, the above applies as well. However, you can choose to make something simple resembling the interior, or go all out and make a detailed one. As for windows, a simple one would do.

So I’ve been working on blender for quite a bit in the past weekend, Here are some results. Thank you Kaixax for the video, it was very helpful. I modeled the rims, but I think I might redo them since they still don’t look quite like the ones on the original car. The lights still need some work and the back end is not done yet. But this is What I have so far, Comment and let me know what you think.