Audi R8 car


In this project, I tested Blender’s viewport rendering.

Used an existing audi R8 model, changed bodywork, added new wheels and mirrors, added a basic interior, etc.

Some details:

Model updates: Blender
Shading, lighting, texturing, etc: Blender
Rendering: Blender viewport rendering
Render time: ± 2sec/frame at 3600*3000px
Minor post production: Photoshop

Hope you like it!


Some more visuals:

maybe you would like to work a bit more on the carpaint, but overall nice work :slight_smile:

It looks like you did a very good modelling job :eyebrowlift:. The car paint though looks very simple (a diffuse mixed with a glossy and maybe a fresnel). Real car paint is actually made of layers. This tutorial goes over how to create realistic layered carpaint. Overall though, nice work. :eyebrowlift: