Audi r8 GT spyder

This is my last car modelisation, an audi r8 gt spyder.:slight_smile:
The final render :

Studio render :

Old render (so with some errors)

Screens :

Good bye :eyebrowlift:

Wow! I got excitied when I saw the thread title and who posted it. Nice work! the model and renders look wonderful.
My only critique is that the ‘middle’ part of the door (not the interior or exterior side) seems a little plain and basic compared to everything else, but maybe it is supposed to be like this.

WOW! A really great model and render, this need definitely more attention! How long did it take you modeling that? It’s very detailed.

True,it needs more attention.I really liked the materials.Can u please post the car paint and wires of the mod.Awesome work and keeep it up