Audi R8 [Rhino3d + (Blender +) Indigo + Photoshop]

Hi folks

Since I’ve got exams these days, I didn’t really have time for blender. Instead, for one of these exams, I had to make a 3d-model in rhinoceros 3d (which is from my point of view -in comparison with blender- pretty crappy ;)). I modelled an Audi R8 and decided -after doing it with rhino’s internal renderers- to render it with Indigo.

It didn’t work out with the rhino2indigo-exporter, so I did it via our beloved Blender (with the blendigo-exporter). After the file ate all my RAM and rendered some nights, I was very satisfied with the results. (I hope my mentors will share this opinion ;)) The fact that blender helped me through it and that it’s done with Indigo is the first reason why is post this renders on BA.


ps: It took me a while to get this results (because I don’t have the best render-farm-pc in the world and blendigo often crashed or gave me the announcement “memory full”). It might be interesting for congeneers to hear how I did it. This is the second reason I post it on BA.
(-I exported the rhino file into a .3ds-file and opened it in Blender)
-I placed the camera
-I deleted all the meshes that weren’t visible from that camera angle (to take the file-size down)
-I set supersample to 1 (in the blendigo-exporter)
-I used a program called “ramcleaner” to clean my RAM so the exporter could feed itself. I don’t know whether many know this program but it was very useful in my case!
-I waited and hoped under stress.
(-I did some touch-ups in photoshop)

looks great

That is one sick car! :smiley: Love it!

Wow. Amazing car and textures

And thanks for mentioning Ramcleaner. It is not every day one finds a program that works in the background to make things work better.

Totally amazing! How do you make the headlights shine like that?

It looks quite good, but there are a couple of things I am missing…

-The row of LED lights in the headlights
-seams around the windows, the translation looks too sharp and like a texture
-You can look through the grill in the front, but there isn’t anything, I think the best solution is probably to put a completely black plane behind it, so that you can’t see through…

-I am really missing at least a basic interior, it would make the picture much more believable

-There seems to be a small bent in the chassis above the rear wheel (from the sideview) that looks quite uncomfortable…

The overall modeling stil looks very clean so far, though, but I wouldn’t really want to call this one finished, it looks quite empty from my subjective point of view…

remember that you’re messing with my favorite car here, so I might be a little picky ^^

Great looking renders!

I’m doing graphics for a free racing game called vdrift ( and if you’re interested we could definitely use your car! The polygon count needs to be reduced but that shouldn’t be hard by getting rid of the door seams and replacing the grills with a texture.

It’s a lot of fun seeing blender art come to life in a game, I recommend checking it out.

Thanks for the comments guys!

@Jesusfrk14: the headlight-effect is done with an easy photoshop tool called ‘lens flare’

@Rinne: Thanks for the comments. I know there are still some things that could be improved. But I also have some other exams (I actually had to force myself stop modelling and detailling) and I’m pretty sure the renders are good enough to show to my mentor. He actually was already very happy (and surprised) to see I was modelling a really ‘advanced’ object.
ps: I’m not in a model/animation-school or something. I’m in a design-school where 3d-modelling is used as a tool during inventing and designing new products. I’m in my second bachelor (year) so 3d-modelling (in rhino) is still pretty new.

  • also a new render!


thought something was odd until i noticed it has blurry reflections…beautiful car :smiley:

…and another one. I didn’t use photoshop for this render but I like it a lot, eventhough it looks a bit more like a toy car. But yeah, aren’t we all still kids? :slight_smile:


Overall it looks pretty nice, but there are some small problems like dents, sharp edges, etc.

@gallardo: thanks, i thought that was a blender thing @ first