Audi R8 - studio and outdoor scene

Hi I have been fighting with this car for a while / for ages i should say :slight_smile: / especially with rendering it . So here is what i got its all rendered with Blender internal .
Thanks for looking !

here is my WIP Thread of the car


Wow, looks absolutely stunning. I keep seeing more and more renders which make use of BI for amazing realistic renders. I esp love the outdoor one, the orange setting sunlight on the side is amazing.

indeed - stunning!

Thank you for kind words !!

Top notch work! Your outdoor scene is amazing. The lighting and the way that you have off-camera elements of the scene reflected on the car makes this render, for me, one of the best I’ve seen here. Congratulations on accomplishing all of this work with BI.


Wonderful. Model, Texture, Camera positioning, motion blur, lighting setup all are excellent. The head lights seem a little odd though.

it would be very nice of you to render that outdoor one in 1680x1050 for me :slight_smile: but you dont have to include the motion blur if you want to save time

Callmeishmael ,Dinesharun - thank you guys very much for nice comments . I am glad that you like it . I agree that the lights could be better . its just a halos in a different layer and than composite together …i should probably try to put there some point lights.

Gregzaal - i will render it for you just give me couple days it would probably take forever on my laptop so i do it at work …will try to make it with motion blur :slight_smile:

That is absolutely beautiful!

Gregzaal Hi here is the 1650*1050 render for you

!Happy New Year to all!

thank you very much! I love that car

You welcome !

It looks really good congrats! what is BI by the way, i also like modeling cars, and could use the help to get more realistic results, mine look okay but they lack that realism

I love what you did with the renders. I could nitpick about the car, I think you rushed it a bit the are easy to pick bumps and pinches but i would be dwelling on the wrong thing because overall this is really good and its in BI, well done man.

Pity I didn’t comment when you first posted this months ago because you deserve some praise.

Really nice

I have not been here for a while …i had long holidays :slight_smile:

@Greenguy2201: thanks BI stands for Blender Internal Render …realistic results are bit harder with BI maybe try to play with Cycles …but probably with every render engine are keys …good lights/materials …but i am not expert 3D is just my hobby. Just keep practicing with tutorials.

@ tyrant monkey: thanks man ! i am glad that you like the renders …i agree with the car model it could have been done better…next time i have to start with posting wires so someone like you can point me in a good direction with the topology .

@RossBlenderArt: thanks

shouldnt this be in gallery? :stuck_out_tongue: