Audi R8 v10 2010 - Correct way to to fill this piece.


So i recently started trying to model vehicles and i just need a little push in the right direction. See attached image, just need to know what would be the best way to do this spot.

Here is also a site for reference and a .blend file.

Thanks in advance.


2018-2-4 AudiR8 V10 2010 Preview.blend (2.31 MB)

Hey, Looks like your doing the hood, just finish off that part, not try to model say the hood,front fender, bumper as one piece. The hood stops at the headlamp, grill and fender. Your doing just fine…

The part i am having trouble with is part of the hood.

You need another edge loop or two through the face loop on the right, or the shading could be on the weird side.

Like was said, you may need another few edge loops to make it work, probably just 2, once the subdivision is in place, it should round out the area nicely.

Decided to rather just redo the whole hood.