Audi R8 WIP

High there. How’s everybody doing. A little info about myself. I’m 22 years old. I got interested in 3D modeling when I was in my senior year of high school, but didn’t know how to get involve in 3D. So I did some research and the first thing I need was a 3D program. I go check out there website and find out they’re really expensive and so I was like [email protected]# that and gave up. Until December of 08 I went on google and type free 3D program(why didn’t I search for that back when I was researching I will never know) and found Blender. Download it and I tried it and I was like what, how do you use this and so I gave up again. Until May of 09 when I was laid off from work and at home I gave Blender another try and I fell in love. Since that day I been practicing about one to five days a week learning all that I can about Blender and 3D. Now I I’ve been modeling an Audi R8 for about a couple of weeks now. Does it look okay for a noob?


More than okay.
Everything’s neat so far.
Have a bit more light in your next renders.

Great work man :slight_smile: Looks like this is going to be quite accurate from the get go here. At the moment your surfaces are looking nice and smooth. Look forward to see the progress. Throw some shiny materials on it to check for reflection errors were you think it could be un smooth. I’ll be keeping an eye on this one

Here the rims. Tried my best to make it as accurate as I can.


Thanks for the comments guys. Spent a lot of time trying to make sure the surfaces were smooth and not bumpy. Also heres another update, I modeled the grills and headlights and a composite render to see how it looks. I modeled it in Blender 2.49 and moved it to 2.5. Gotta say 2.5 is freaking awesome except when it crashes when I render the image.


I couldn’t agree more with that =P. But this really is coming together wonderfully ! Keep it up, I can’t wait to see the end result. Will you be modeling the interior as well?

Your car model is coming out amazing so far!

Thanks for the comment. It sure makes you feel good.

Yes I will be modeling the interior, but it won’t be crazy detailing. Just something basic to give an illusion that there’s something inside the car.
Here’s a another test render at another angle. It’s really hard to make the reflection on the headlights look good. Anybody got any tips? Render time was about 1 hour and 20 minutes


What do you mean the reflections on the headlights, you mean on the glass part of the headlights or inside the headlights?

Model is looking good still, however I believe your lighting could be improved, it is a bit dark, and in my opinion the reflections on the front fender are a bit “different” compared to most studio renders.

What does the light setup look like? Screen shot perhaps?

Inside the headlights. I’ve been seeing other people’s car render and their headlights be looking damn good.

Here’s my light setup

Do you think I should improve the material on the car or is it because of the white planes that I put on top and side of the cars?


I would really recommend trying Yafaray, I’m in class and will respond with more later. But thought I’d pass that on right away.

Its actually easier (IMO) to use and the results are better, more realistic.

I think your headlight material is the issue with your headlights, although they look pretty good :slight_smile: