Audi R8

Another attempt at modelling one of my favourite cars … I really really reallly wannna learn to model ( cars ) properly … so guys gimme all the crits u can … here are some pics of the progress … and some wires


new pics … srryymessed up the wire pics … will post em l8r


great work! looks very realistic

lookin good so far, lets see the rest lol

So far so good!

Nice ride.


this is looking good, looking forward to seeing the wires.

ive got no crits at the minute, ill let you know if i see anything though.

looking forward to updates :slight_smile:

@everyone who replied : thankss
no progress today … here are the wires tho …


updates … did a lil work on the rear … the rear windshield is just a placeholder … will detail it soon … c&c guys ? :smiley:


my net connection has been down for a while … but i have been busy:yes: … so here are the updates : ( and some material tests )

guys ???