Audi R8

This is the new Audi that is ridiculously awesome so i decided to model it.

I’m having some serious issues with this one tiny little itty bitty spot and its annoying the hell out of me. The place where the wheel well meets the hood right at the corner of the light, there is a triangular gap that is supposed to be part of the hood, but for the life of me i cant get it to look right when i try to model it.

This is the wire frames and all from my .blend (i have two screens which is why its so wide)

C&C welcome, and pleas help if you have any idea bout that corner of the hood.

I’m relatively new to Blender so sorry if there are easier ways, but if it needs to be sharp I would add another edge loop (the “control R” thing) in around the arch around the wheels to line up with the corner you need doing - so you can get an extra join point in there. If that still doesn’t get it looks as sharp as you need, you might need to also add an extra edge loop to the hood close to the problem outer edge, to force sharpen the subsurf. Attatched a picture of where to try adding an extra edge loop to join it to:

The only trouble with doing it the way I suggested is that it could make your mesh a little messy as you might have to rearrange some verticies to get the edge loop where you want it, but this is how I’ve been forcing sharp attatching edges on the Lamborghini model I’m working on. There are probably better ways though, as I said, I’m extremely new to this.

I can make it almost the correct shape and that would fix that problem but it would indeed mess up the other meshes. its the stupid way it curves, because its not just flat its actually curving around in two ways so its ridiculously hard to make it look good. Right now it gives off a very annoying reflection which makes it look off, but its the best i can do for now.