Audi R8

Hey all, this is my first post on, just looking to get some feedback on my latest personal project.
Let me know what you guys think, critiques welcome!

Love this car model looks good wires?
near front wheel arch close to the doors is somethink…

Here are some wires, and can you clarify what you said about the near front wheel arch?

i don’t know is it mistake or not but i don’t remember somethink like this on r8

I can spot two issues:

Red - The window and that trim piece needs to be curved outwards slightly.
Orange - The roof and window don’t line up, other than that it’s looking good. :eyebrowlift:


That looks like an area where he has yet to separate the panels.

Looking good; nothing to critique over what’s been said.

Well its another r8…i wonder how many have been attempted/done here on BA alone…;p
But as far as topology, i cant see nothing wrong atm keep going

that is big true! maybe not R8 but Audi as a whole mark hear is a lot there is RS3 a lot of A5/RS5

Thanks for all the feedback guys!

I’m using photos, a 1:18 scale model, and vector graphics as references, and i see this detail in each, It’s a gap that allows the hood to be raised, otherwise the hood would be welded down, but thank you for being thorough.

I have fixed the issues you spotted, you have a very keen eye! How does this look?

Well hopefully this one will stand out when it is finished :slight_smile:

If you guys see anything else that needs to be improved please let me know, I plan on filling in the back of the car by tonight, so I will come back with screenshots later on, thanks again all!

My bad double posted. Disregard this.


The highlighted area might cause some reflection problems, so I think it’ll be a good idea to remove/slide the middle edge and add in another as shown. It could help help with the bump as well but I haven’t got the model so I can’t fire it into Hexagon to check for reflections.