Audi r8

Rendered in blender internal…

Why would you submerge such a beautiful car in darkness? :smiley: I want to see more of it!!!


What are you trying to present to your audience?

From what little I can see it looks like a decent model; the trouble is, it could be full of errors and no way to tell.

check it out the new image…

it needs to spend some time in W.I.P. blenderartists is really now filled with guys that know how to model cars like Writer’s Block, DDD and plenty others. I am sure you will get plenty of help. Its a good start but its unfinished one of the biggest omissions you have made is sharp edges. they should be two on the hood, one on the bottom of the bumper, around the wheel archs on the side, on the doors etc.

You can get sharp edges when using subsurf by either creasing or creating pinching edges. Most people use pinching edges which is two or more edges running parallel and very close to each other.

Get some sharp edges in there and it will start to look better