Audi R8

hello guys , I am a new user and I wanted to show you my latest work…

is still far from finished but would very much appreciate your comments and suggestions…

Brake modelling

Nice work so far. I saw this car on the road twice this week and its engine made the most beautiful sound.

thanks DanieW…
small update

Rim and Brake system

is not perfect but it seems to work…:o

small update

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hello guys,
I think I finished the wheel and all the other parts …
What do you think?

Now I should model this light


It appears that nobody on the forum cares, so I’ll offer some feedback. :slight_smile: So far I like the wheel and the brake caliper, and as far as modeling the rear light you could use little spheres to model the bumpy things in the plastic (I have no idea what they’re proper names are).

this is really nice r8 is personally my favorite car in the world and the first car i ever modelled and this is good

thanks guys,
I’m trying to shape the headlights (not the final model)
I need help
How do I get a material as one of the photo above?

really nobody can help me?

Yours, looks metallic. I would try adding a displacement map to the inside of the modeled lamp that resembles the pattern in the reference image.

Try two wave textures cross hatched and multiplied as a factor for transparent and translucent shaders?

This looks really good! Really liking the break caliper. Nice work.
For the tail lights there are two different approaches. Either you model the entire thing or you use textures.
Just find as many reference pics as possible and decide what’s the way you want to do it. Of course if you are going to model the whole thing, you are going to use a LOT vertices so keep that in mind. If you choose texturing try find good textures or make those yourself. As mentioned before you can use texture with transparent/translucent shaders and combine the modeling with the textures. And you should definitely model the interior of tail lights at least!

This is what I got real quick. Probably could make it much better with time:

Here is the node setup for the pattern:

Hope this helps.

Best r8 I’ve seen on the forums so far I think! keep working.

hello guys
I apologize for the delay in reply and thank you all for your suggestions.
The model is not finished but I wanted your opinion…

(sorry for my english)

Small update