Audi R8

Hi guys! I just completed my Audi R8 project. I actually meant to post it a few months ago but I never got around to modelling the interior, which still isn’t done :stuck_out_tongue: Anyway I was looking into Gleb Alexandrov’s lighting course last night and although I did not purchase it, I figured out how to combine hdri images in the world settings to create better lighting.

Here’s the car


I used the helipad afternoon hdri from sibl and hdri 22 from zbyg’s hdri pack 2 on devientart.

Update, click for larger image, using Brooklyn bridge planks hdri from sibl instead of helipad afternoon)

And a wheel render for detail as well as some wireframes (subdivision level of 1) :slight_smile:

Hope you guys like it :slight_smile:


Very nice! The car paint seems very well done, the only part that doesn’t seem realistic to me is the headlight. I also ran into this problem with my car render, my solution was to make the headlights turned on, so you can’t really see anything through the light.

Thank’s BATMOOSE :slight_smile: It does look better with the lights turned on. I also added a better texture to the licence plate and textures to the tires.

Here’s the update:

Click this one for full 1080p

Here’s a back render

I will be posting more renders in the coming days.

this looks nice. wondering how it looks with HDRI environment map and lighting