Audi RS2
coming up soon: new Audi!!

awesome work

can you give diff shots with diff views please.

Bring the car up closer.
So far so good.

Is too much motion blurred, but cool image!

Looks nice. Could you give some detail shots?

just put your name under it and its perfect

very cool, but id rather have the car closer, so we could see more details.

i agree though, put ur name under it.

and add more stuff! most of the image is boringly repetitive… put some roadside scenery! Nice camera positioning tho, and the mblur is perfect…

Bring the car closer!

There you go!
A close-up of the front!

you need a trik to hide the interior of the car, maybe you can use more-blak glass or an hard mirror effect on it.

i like the first image better, you don’ t have ALWAYS to demonstrate that the model is full of details,tha car is far and the amount of details is enought.
i agree you can work a little more on the road.
only my opinion.


much better in my opinion! i like it alot!

I totally agree with bullx’s opinion! My personal favourite of all the shots I made is definitely the first picture.
It doesn’t need a stunning mesh, as long as the atmosphere of the image is great. Nevertheless I understand, that you want have a close look on the quality of the mesh! To proof, that the car is detailed, I gonna post some shots without motion blur!

woah… so blurry :o pretty good.


Hi guys,
sorry that I havn’t been around for a while. Work is quite stressful at the moment. There isn’t even enough time for blender… Here is an older picture of the side…

Is it just me, or did you forget to turn on OSA?


OSA is on. It’s only set on 5, though. I tried it with 8, too, but the result wasn’t any better, and I wasn’t in the mood for waiting five hours for OSA 11!

You can’t even see the car! It is a blurry little blue thing! Make it much closer and you might have a neat render.

Cool Work. Look veeeeeery nice :slight_smile:

I’m sorry for neglecting my topic for such a long time. :frowning:
Work kept me bussy and adding insult to injury my computer broke down.
Finally I managed to fix it and render some pictures to top off the topic.
Up up and away… I love the motion blur!