Audi RS4 (Update)

Hi guys (& girls?),

At this moment I’m working on two cars: an Audi RS4 and an Alfa Romeo 159. (I love both cars!)

I’m pretty new to Blender and I don’t think I make my cars in the easiest way. First I’ll make the outlines and then try to fill these up with faces. It’s pretty tricky but for so far; it works!

I post here some pictures of the Audi. As you can see it’s far from finished but you may have an idea of how it will look. It’s maybe a bit difficult to see what it is because there aren’t many faces yet.

Tips, comments or critics are welcome!

How I started:

How it looks right now:

Has nobody a comment yet? Maybe I’ll better finish the car and post then an update. :slight_smile:

hey gallardo,
that is a very nice start there, your technique is good too, are those nurbs you are using ? Looking forward to your update

keep it up, mate

Thnx Garphik

No, I work in the most primitive way you can image. I start with a plane, extrude the vertices, and correct their places/locations (according to the blueprint).

btw: checked your site for a minute and I think that Beetle is really nice. Your Mercedes 300SL just rocks! :eek: You should post a normal render too of that Mercedes (the wire frame is cool, but I really want to see the car rendered normal).

Looking good so far…

I have tried to model a car before but it didn’t work out for me… I also started with a plane, extruded and then repositioned according to the blueprints. I have never tried modelling with nurbs though it sounds interesting.

Anyway, good luck with finishing the car Gallardo

not much to comment on yet.
but it looks good so far.
because of being new to blender i suggest you keep this car low poly, are you?
It will look good in the end if you continue with this modelling type,
but if you want it to look photorealism you might want to model it part by part, means first the bonnet, then the front and s.o.
By this you can add more detail to special parts like the front bumper/grill.
I did so with my car models and I’m quite happy with the result.

If you model the whole car as one piece you will have to UV map it.
this can look cool, too…if you take max evil’s Nissan 350z

just keep on! it will be great in the end! :slight_smile:

Thnx guys for the encouraging! It’s really stimulating. :slight_smile:

Chop Suey: thanks for the advise. I’ll think about it when I model my other cars. But first I really want to finish this one (I have to many unfinished projects :frowning: ).

I guess it’s time for an update!

I gave the car some colors so you could have a better idea of how it will look when it’s finished. (colors are temporary! Please don’t give comments on them)


Very nice so far, can’t wait to see it finished :wink:

hey gallardo,
The car is coming along nicely,
keep up the good work

P.S.: thanks for the comment about the website ;), and I will be rendering that Merc soon


Another update (in some other colors!). :slight_smile:


not bad…
is it unsubsurfed? I guess so, because of the holes in the front bumper.
why do you model this low poly? is it on purpose? because you could add so much detail to it, the grill for example won’t look any good if it’s part of the body and therefore thin like paper :wink:

use seperate parts, where there are in the real car! it will defenitly look better!
if you’re going to subsurf it right, you have to add some edge loops at sharp edges like the “design edge” which is going from front to back.

it’s funny, because I see the same problems on your model I had, when I started the Audi A3.

Thnx for the comments Chop Suey!

It is unsubsurfed indeed! You’re probably right about the seperate parts but as I already said: I’m pretty new and I still have a lot to learn. For the grill (and for some other details too) I’ll probably use seperate parts!

I also have some (probably very noob-)questions :o:

  1. How do I make Edge Loops?
  2. Do I have to “parent” all the different parts then? I don’t have experience with this :o :frowning:


btw: c&c are as always welcome :wink:

  1. you add edge loops by ctrl+r you see a new pink line
    at the first step you can set the number of lines you want to add (standard=1)
    when you left-click you can “slide” the edge loop to where it should be

  2. no :wink:
    edit: you can seperate parts from your mesh by selcting all verts you need and push p
    if you want to add an object to your mesh you can ctrl+j to join them

Thanks again chop suey!

I did a little test with “subsurf” but then I had this problem (which is the reason why I don’t like to use subsurf for cars): how do I fix this?

Sorry for all this question:o, guys (read: chop suey ;))


subsurf tries to smooth every face…so if you want a sharp edge you sometimes need up to 3 or 4 edge loops at one place.

as i said before, try to model seperated parts.
they can also be one object, but not one mesh joined together

if you have only one edge/line as in your picture there will allways be such a tip.
and one thing: If you’re going to use subsurf avoid triangles! once in a while there is no other way to connect some verts, but try to use quads instead.

that’s it for now…keep on blending!! :slight_smile:


Thnx chop suey for your help and patience! You’re very helpful. :slight_smile:

hey there,
you are doing fine,
just try to get out those small bumps. btw about your problem in the picture, you can put another edge loop [Ctrl+R] close to extreme edges which will give you a sharper surface. Else you can separate those meshes as chop_suey said.

cheers mate

After a month of some tests and other projects, I decided to work back on my RS4. I followed the (very good) advice of chop_suey and subsurfed the car (unfortunately there were a lot of triangles in the car :mad:) and seperated some parts of the car, so I could detail them better.

It’s still far from finished but I’m pretty proud of the headlights (God, these things are difficult :cool: ) and the grille so I like to show an update of it. (I still have to add a lot of “loop cuts” for the design edges etc)
I hope I can finish it soon.

C&C still welcome.



wasn’t here for a while… :o

It’s pretty cool now, looks really good!
The headlights are great! better than mine… -.-
I really like the frontbumper and grill(e?), exactly like the real parts.
as i said before…please keep on! I love all these cars made in blender :smiley: