Audi RS5 2010

On this Project I focused mainly on Lightning and Materials and not so much on Modelling.
I uploaded the Images on Dropbox too, as requested on the last Project. Follow the Link and just click on a Picture and then on the 3 dots on the bottom right corner to open it in Best Quality.
Dropbox Link:

Done in Blender 2.7, Cycles, Gimp

Update: New Renders on Post #15

Here are the Wires:

I’m still wondering how do you do your background. It’s an hdri or a simple image composited?
I saw you’re P1, it’s awfully gorgeous.

I’m glad you like the Mclaren P1, quite some effort went into it.
I’m not sure what you mean with the background? The Sky is an jpg mapped to the world.

EDIT: the rest of the scene is done in 3D, its not an image background if you meant that :wink:


maybe too much highpass?
I’d like to see without it.

I like it :slight_smile: great model,

If I had one critique it would be to reduce the reflection on the paint shader to separate from the background more… but that’s minor

Like I said really great job :smiley:

Ok, got it.
Thanks for answering to my comment.
When you mapped the Sky’s jpg with the world, did you mix it with a mix shader in world material?

well done! just the color… red would be great :smiley:

Thanks MmAaXx, ex-nihilo, Eric Fondane!
Here is a red Version with less highpass/less carpaint reflections ;D

Actually i wanted it in red but since the mclaren p1 i did was red too i decided to go with another color.

Let me know if you like it better or still to much highpass/reflection.

I gladly answer any questions, here you can see the Node setup for the world

Nice modeling :slight_smile: Just waiting for the elitists to enter this thread and slag it off left, right and centre…

Nice renders, I like both the red and the blue versions. The model looks good as well. The only thing I see sort of wrong is that part of the headlights seem too simple, but I think you mentioned that you were focused more on renders than the model.

thanks InKontrol

@ctdabomb: your absolutelly right there is a lot of detail missing on the car. With the next car i do i want to push the limits of my computer with details and i used this car to optimize my shaders and test some outdoor lightning. I dont want to waste a super detailed model with bad shaders and lightning ;D Ive done a ton of testrenders with different lightning situations e.g. sunset, snow…

Little Update, had some spare time. Changed a few things and i decided to go with black and white. Hope you like it :smiley: