Audi RS5

This is my first serious 3D work!
I have been done its modeling on my free times (2 3 hours in a day ) which it took more than 3 month to do this and I spent about two weeks to render it!
Share your ideas with me and tell me if there is something wrong in this model except what that I told about the materials or even if a solution to clear it out and solving the problem can help me more.!
I know that the materials for the little light are not good at all! I did a lot, But I couldn’t make it out better than this! And I would be pleased if anyone suggests anything to make it better.

Maysam Blash


Great first model. The model is very smooth overall.

I think the shutline width needs to be more consistent. The shutline between the headlight and the grill in your model is too thin. If you compare it too photos, it should be equal to the shutline that goes from the headlight to the A-pillar.
Shutlines in other places could be refined too.

The silver “rim” around the front grill could use more work, it currently looks flat.

The headlight washer shape isn’t perfect, but I know how hard it can be if they are cut out at a later stage.

These are the only two things I could find.