Audi RSQ Model

Hi all!
At one point in time i decided to model an Audi RSQ, from iRobot movie.
Today I decided I am going to continue that model. At the time I only modeled the hood, so here it is…nothing much to see i guess…but more to come soon, including wires.


Here is another update:

Hmm, i think I have waaay to many edge loops…gunna look into that next…


Ok so i have got rid of unnecessary edge loops and added subsurf. I made the holes in the front(not entirely hammy with them), and the windshield.


Worked on the side…i think I am going to make the back now…
Starting to hate that lighting…ill see what i can do about that too…


Ok so better lighting!
I got the back done…well not completely…
Started on the door…

Seems noone is interested in this…


It looks really nice! What’s your light setup? Is this a 2.5 thing or some rig?

No, i use 2.49 still.
Basically, i am using the 3pt+ setup that I first learned in this tutorial awhile back:
It is not exactly the same though.

I finished the back…


I did some touch-ups and finished the side door.


Wheels grille and logo…

Such a lonely thread…:frowning:


neat model :slight_smile: keep going !

where did you get blueprints for this rare car.

nice i like it alot… i suck at modeling :’(

@zeffii, thanks, of course i will :wink:
@Eris, ty, ofcourse :wink: here is the link:
@gregzaal, ty, you’ll get better with practice. “subscribing”?

So for this update I made the holes in the back as well the lights in the back (cant see them because the light plate thing is supposed to be transparent. So pretty much all that is left is the front lights and beveling and sharpening everything, and adding color, which i tried to do already and failed miserably. :frowning:

Oh and for any of you car topology experts, how am I doing?


the front area, around the grill, looks like the foto has a sharper edge there.
this is a really sexy looking car!

lol, yes, subscribing! like when you get updates every day or whatever :wink:

So i am pretty much done with modeling i think. Just a few tweaks left, like making the gaps smaller, and smoothing out a few parts.

Next part is the coloring…hopefully i can make it look nice, i am not that good at that…

So do anyone see any mistakes or anything else i should fix?

Here are the renders!


So i encountered some frustration…so GRRRR!!!:mad:
I was doing touch-ups on the mesh, and i got a pretty good result…and then i must have pressed something cuz when i saved and then opened the file again nothing changed!!! so again GRRRR!!!:mad::mad::mad:

But aside frustration, i had to do something! So i gave the car basic colors…:no:… So here it is…

And the mesh was looking much better too…

[EDIT]: Seems forgot to add the light layer(i have AO turned on that is ehy it is not completely black ;)) when i rendered the back…too late now…


So i have decided to experiment with lux render a bit, so i rendered the Audi, and this is what i came up with…not bad for a first try eh? lol :slight_smile:

Anyway that is all I am going to render for now in Lux, i will play around with it later :stuck_out_tongue:


Alright so this time i didnt hit any buttons and saved all the tweaking i made…whew!
Well here is the render…i think materials are next.

Anyone see anything wrong with the mesh?


[报价=国内长途; 1674338 ]大家好!
我在一时间点决定模式,从电影一iRobot公司奥迪RSQ 。
今天,我决定我将继续这一模式。当时我只为蓝本的发动机罩,所以这里是…没有什么看,我猜…很快,但更多的惊喜,包括电线。 [/报价]
This is a very nice car, I like it very much, don’t know when they can also buy a car, but I’m still in reading, haven’t economy.