Audi S3

An unfinished work in progress, my first try of modeling a car. The model isn’t very good and I gave it up. I’ve started anew car, a mini cooper, (wip section )I kept the S3 to try car rendering with yafray and here is the result :

hmmmm… where is it unfinished?

:wink: It looks quite finished to me, maybe you planned to model the inside? :stuck_out_tongue:

…and how is the model not very good? The only thing i can see are some texturing problems (like the tires)
Also the fact that it looks like there’s an environment map, and there’s no environment :wink:

Nice model! The only crit I have is that the numberplate shouldn’t be there. I like the envmap though

nice modelling! i can tell that it’s unfinished due to the lack of door handles

Why is it that any time someone tries to render rubber tires in yafray they end up grey? Perhaps there’s some fundamental misunderstanding about the way materials are constructed as compared to the way they exist in real life… either that or a bug? Anyone else notice this?

Aside from my whining about tires, your model is great. At least nobody can steal this version! (No door handles ;)) Why exactly is it “Done”. Did you just get sick of it? And if it ISN’T finished… why is it in the finished projects board?

because they are grey
see :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve always been bad at modelling cars… so I must say that it’s good… though details are lacking, but again… I not so critical when it comes to cars…