Audi S5 Blender Cycles

Anyone have suggestions to make this more photo-realistic? Perhaps better car paint setups? Lighting? Your input would be greatly appreciated!

Car looks convincing now; maybe look at it’s background - make that convincing and each will assist the other.

Note I said convincing not real:)

Thanks for the feedback! I’m not quiet sure what you mean by convincing though. Could you elaborate? Perhaps HDR lighting would be better?

I write stories. Obviously, they aren’t real, but they have to be beliveable. Think about scifi or fantasy stories, they are often very far from anything that is true in the real world; everything in the story, at least in the best ones, is consistent and well thought out; Harry Potter is a great example.

Your background looks good, but is obviously fake; Your background needs to be as well thought out and executed as the model; now my skills are still under development (a WIP :smiley: ), and I’m not sure how I’d produce what you got. The background is effective, but while it helps draw attention to the car - presumably your intent - it doesn’t add much to the overall scene.

Basically you’ve done a better job of what I did with my first car, link below, when I added the gradient.

I really like what you’ve done. It was your comment of wishing for more, that made me suggest the background.

I personally can’t see anything wrong with the car; HDR lighting might be better for the car, but not sure what it will add to the background.

Placement, position, rotation of the car might help; I’m no where near an expert, but my understanding is that when creating a composition (painting, photos etc) the picture is divided horizontally and vertically in three.
You car - imo - misses, or partly, them; I checked it in Gimp. As I said, I’m not an expert so maybe others would disagree.

Even if you deside that you like the background how it is (I do), then a colour more distinct to what you have may add more focus to your principle object (the car).

Hope I’ve explained somewhat and not confused you as much as I’ve confused myself. :spin:

Less tinted (or no tint at all) windows can add LOTS of realism to a car.
I’d suggest you do that if you have modeled the car interior.

Also, adding a flare to the headlights can do wonders :wink:

Car paint reflections are always more intense at glaring angles. Attach a fresnel node to the mixing factor of the last mix node and play with the IOR. Now it should look like a proper glossy reflection!

Thanks a lot for the feedback guys. I’ll post an update soon with your suggestions.

Added fresnel to the paint material as “kryp” suggested. I hope this scene is more “convincing”? As you guys can see I also added some DOF. I’m still working on the windows material which I can’t seem to get right. Do you guys have some suggestions specifically for windows?

This looks a lot better, without actually detracting from the previous post.

@kryp: I must remember that fresnal node when I try a car again; good tip /nod

Looking along the car’s side, there might be some issues, but can’t be sure as resolution not high enough to zoom in and not lose detail.

For the same reason, I can’t be sure but, the join/border between glass and bodywork may need some definition.

This has actually highlighted for me to be careful of hiding details by using the wrong background in my own posts.

Looking great, it might inspire me to finish my car model one day. To me it looks like the wheel rims lack a bit of metalic sheen, although that might be what you’re going for.

On another note is there any reason you’ve made the car so small in your render? I understand it’s the composition you’re going for but why spend the time modelling a beautiful car and then let it get lost in the 2-tone background? Not that there’s anything wrong with your background, I like it, I just think the car’s more interesting and would like to see more of it.

Maybe change the background to more of a sweep? Getting rid of the hard edge might look better. Moving the car off to the side also makes it look tons better.

The main thing that’s standing out to me atm is the wheel material, it looks fake!

Here’s a proper wheel material setup
(Credit to Blutarsky)

Personally I havent tested it yet but it should work.

Thanks for the critique guys. I’m working on it right now without too much success. I’ll post a render when I have an improved result.