Audi S5 [Lonlon]

Hi :slight_smile:

For my first WIP here, I decided to start an Audi S5 (version 2012)
So, for now, it’s just the beginning. I hope get few comments of you :yes:

For this time being, I will not write more, because my English is rotten :smiley:

Images :

Bye :wink: and thanks

Looking real good, and very clean topology also… can’t really tell anything to improve.

Thanks man :slight_smile: I continue slowly

nice work so far. it looks great!

Thanks :smiley:

So, here is my advanced. I must still work the wire,it is not good. :slight_smile:

Images :

See you! Bye :eyebrowlift2:

Hello :slight_smile:

I improved a little my work :

Looks really nice and clean! I’m looking forward to the finished result. :slight_smile:

Thanks man :slight_smile:

I continue :yes: :

Say me your opinion, your thought please :slight_smile:

stellar work! can’t wait to start seeing renders!

Yep, indeed.

Hi ! :slight_smile: Thanks ctdabomb and Impreza09 !

After a long time, i restart working my car.
I make the wheels :

Bye :wink:

great modeling and details on the car body!

Thanks Mahoney ! :smiley:

Excellent modelling, a very clean work :slight_smile:

Thanks Sumo !
I hesitate to model the interior of the car,
Anyway, I would do the seats and upper dashboard.

This is looking great! Nice work!

This is a going to be a nice model ! It is a very promising start and progress. Especially the details of the body look great ! You seem to handle this with a relatively low edgeloop count, since the body is panelized nicely. I made the mistake of having too many edgeloops running around a model which i “closed” too early, and adding the details later with my model. And the wheels look interesting and detailed too. Great work so far !

Solid renders look very nice, got a new wirerame render by any chance?
Beautiful topo on the rims.
Keep on chugging mate.

Thanks to all :smiley:

I start my test render :

What do you think? I need few advice for improve my render :slight_smile:
Bye !