Audi S5

Hi everyone! :slight_smile:

this is my 2nd attempt on modelling a car. it’s only the car, without any interior so far. I hope you can give me some advices what to improve. actually I’m quite happy with it, except the indicator of the frontlights, which could get more texture/realism i think. :wink:

so, what do you think?
greetings from Germany.

:spin: Anyone else here? Gawsh I feel awkward posting first. Anyways, I think it’s to “Smooth”. I feel like the lines between the doors are not very defined. There’s something else too, I can quite put my finger on it. Maybe some lighting adjustments? As I said about the doors, some of it feels like it isn’t defined enough. Of course, this is just my opinion, and I couldn’t do better.

The area around the foglight needs sharpened if you compare it to the real life version.