Audi s5

Hi, :eyebrowlift2:
My last project, Blender 2.7x, Cycle and Gimp :smiley:

2013 Audi s5

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Sweet! I love the lighting. :slight_smile: One of the best car renders I’ve seen!

Showroom quality! It looks like a magazine shot. Nice work!

clean work, looks good :slight_smile:

Thanks guys,
My first idea was to make a render that looks like the magazine shot :slight_smile:

If you want know my scene, lighting, materials, i can add screens here.

I would love to see your lighting setup, it accents the lines of the car very well. Great work!

(the model car is “simplify” in the screen )

I use a Spot for the background, hemi without “glossy” for add global light, and for the reflections i use plane with emit.
For the reflections on the right, i used a texture for the emit plane.

If you want more explanation, you can ask me.

Bye :slight_smile:

Thanks for the explanation! :smiley:

Beautiful piece of work! Have you tried playing around with the background? It would transform the render.

Hey, thanks :slight_smile:
No, i don’t play with the bg because my idea was to get a picture with a single hue. It was my artistic choice. But I know that many people don’t like the blue on blue. :slight_smile: