Audi TT '08

First (Serious) car model, I’ve completed most of the hood so far.

Comments/Critiques/suggestions appreciated. I’m planning on doing a few studio renders/a driving scene with it.


looking good so far!

Thanks :slight_smile:

Started work on the side panels, I’m going to put the handles in with Boolean operations after everything else on the main body is done.


Update, starting work on the back & roof.


I tried to model on one these a while back… It got me the closest to finishing a car ever. Hope you finish it. Looking good.

Looks really neat. Keep updating


Finishing up the rear, next, the roof. :eyebrowlift:


awesome! wish i could model cars.

i told him the same thing on another forum XD

Lol Borg…

Started working on this project again a few days ago.

Wow… that looks nice. What do u use for the reference?
I’m still a beginner, i just wondered how u managed to get all the parts sharp and smooth. what’s the face and vertex count? did u use subsurf?


Well, the current-un-subsurfaced face count (Of everything) is 19000, And the subsurf-ed face count (Of everything) is 320000. I’m guess-timating that the final poly count is going to be around 800,000-1.2 Million polys.

more ao samples please :slight_smile:

It’s rendered with Indigo, so I’d just need to let it render for longer (About 30 minutes should clean up all of the noise).

ouch… my models are about 30k poly subsurfed, 12k-14k before that :wink:

wow a) u got good pc (i need a new one)
b) u got patience too
c) thats only good for stills tho isnt it? if u wanna do animation, thats gonna slow down ur PC drastically if u have a few TTs on-screen doing a race or something, plus the landscape and stuff…