Audi TT Coupé 1.8 (56k warning!)

After nearly half a year working on and off this one, I finally consider it finished. I know it is still far from perfect, but I wanted to have it finished before Christmas and I don’t feel like working on it anymore…

I made a Hello Kitty Version in Poster format, as well as an orange one.

Hope you like it:
Bigger Version (2520x3780):


jeehah…that’s awesome!!very nice mesh too. only the front lights look a little weird i think…

I think the tyre looks a little funky. I think if you rounded the edges on that it would help a lot. Other than that good job

Modeling looks pretty decent. But the specularity of the paint material kills it; it too big and too bright. Toning it down would make for a more convincing render.

Increadeble atention to detail,
very nice job,
5 stars, only you might need to adjust the ramp shader to have more of a gradual fall off,
and maybe move the light awy from the model a sqoch,
and the front head light is lacking the quality of the rest of the modle,
great job on the rims, and brake disks,
and I love the tire tread, except that a fine sports car like this would have a bit smoother a tread, but still, that is well exicuted,
exquisite interior, dash board is A+

heh…i kinda liked the hello kitty version…especially the nice little touch u have given to the steering wheel cover…

All spec no ref.
Nice model and touch with the kitty.

Man, what low tires you have there, what is that 225-10-R30!? I sure wouldn’t want to drive that car :stuck_out_tongue:
:yes: Excelent modeling, good texture, artistic detailed, awesome interior…
:no: shading
It’s Gooood :wink:

Nice… I think I’ve seen a couple of those Hello Kitty ones driving around before unless it was a different model. The material looks a bit too metallic to me, more like steel or something and less like paint and wax.

Well, why haven’t you modelled the bottom of the car or just the inner parts of mudguards, also, why is the radiator in front missing? There are awful holes that ruin decent model. Tires usually have tread cut in them, not extruded (this definitely isn’t a tractor). The shaders are fine, a bit unusual, but I like them. And the interior is great, maybe best part of model.

wow, ive never seen anything more realistic-looking…except the strawberry on blendernation’s home.

but, wow…btw, y do i always hear (or see) ppl saying “(56k warning)”?