Audi TT Coupe

ok, its an audi tt coupe. the textures arnt done neither is all of the modeling. (still need tires and lights and all). The yellow should be brighter, but i dont know why its so dull. It has full spec and hard. anyways. C and C is welocmed, especialy on how to fix the textures. (mainly just car paint) Tell me what you thihnk


Looks nice.

not bad. To get some specular highlight:
Put a spotlight to above and to front side
and point to Audi put strenght to 4 and see
how it renders. Does not look like you have
posted any renders, shader looks different
ofcourse in render than in realtime preview.

whel, i tried the 2 spot lights but it doesent seem to have worked completly. It looks a bit better though. Sry i didnt respond soon,er had a busy few days. I got the wheelse and break pads and all done. I still cant figure out why its not giving me a good highlight on the ridge. I want a nice bright shine along the ridge on the hood and doors, as well as maby around the wheele well. You can see the efect im looking for where the grates are on the front bumper. If you look at the edge there is a realy nice highlight but no where else on the car does it seem to show up.


You could set punch of lights so them point so spots which you want the spec/higlight and put in setting NO DIFFUSE to those lights.
I did a little test putting only spec to all lights but one

im not gonna wory about the lights right now but i got some interrior work work done. As well as the seats.

i got a nice bit of refection now i put it in a sceene, but the glare is still being a problem. I had to put in a light instead of one of the spot lights so i could light the house without realy effecting the lighting on the car, and now there is that one huge spot of glare. I also did a lot of interior work on the car.

please, any ideas of how to get those higlights on the ridge on the hood and doors, id like it to have that cool highlighted glare look, i just cant seem to get it right.


show us a screen shot of your lights I think they are to low to reflect off the hood. I might be wrong its hard to tell from your renders.