Audi TT RS 2010

my new project…hope better than previous :slight_smile:


Good luck with this bohy! Looking beautiful :slight_smile:

thank you…later we can try to do some render with your BMW and this…:wink:

That´d be awesome! Do you have a good PC? Because mine probably won´t handle it :smiley:

I’ve newer PC…I don’t say it would be fast but it should handle it :smiley:

Oooh, Audi TT, one of my favourites!

Looking good so far! I would say to be careful with your initial poly-count as it looks a bit high, but seems you’re doing fine, so never mind :slight_smile:

looks like a good start, il be sure to follow this thread :yes:

Philippe M.: yes I know I do lots of poly because I need to hold the right geometry…maybe I’ll try to modify some areas…

ionee: I hope that you’ll be satisfied :wink:

now this looks like that…but I decided to start again…because I’ve found so many differences in blueprints…so some parts doesn’t flow to others…I need to do cage…
and I have to limit number of polys


…seems like the cage is beginning to catch up :slight_smile:

I used it for my last project jaguar…but now I thought that it isn’t important…but I have to do it:)

so I’ve started again a there is the result…2 parts…I think that front bumper is the most problematic…still missing some important parts


The bonnet looks super smooth! Nice :slight_smile:

I’ve spent three days on front bumper…because I had to add the “hole” on this and did sharp "inside corner…it was almost impossible there was always some bumo…and there are still…but I need to do any other parts because I’m annoyed of this bumper so later maybe I’ll modify this…


I was on holiday and now I’ve some progress


some new progress


Lookin’ seriously awesome! Surface looks great in the render, nice and smooth, yet nicely sharp at the same time. Not seeing any topology issues either :slight_smile:

Just wondering, is that a Toon-style shader in the render, or a car-paint?

thank Philippe :wink: I spend a lot of time at the end of the side window
it is cycles default material without any nodes so clay render :wink:

Damn! You´re progressing quite quickly :smiley: Will have to catch up now…
Looks great :slight_smile: Could you do some renders with a basic paint shader?

I was on holiday 2 weeks :stuck_out_tongue: now I did that in 3 days :wink: but it is only exterior so far