Audi TT RS 2010

I am still at home, but still can’t find much time to work on it :confused:

sometimes it is really hard I know…but now I’ve nothing to do…:wink:

today’s morning progress…later I’ll add render with car paint


test renders with car paint (downloaded from blendswap…car will be white) and hdri
only 300 samples


working on grille…I hate to do it with curve modifier…do you have any other idea?
for me it is trial and error method…and when I get some result I find some mistake…for example grille is too small


I use a lattice modifier to bend my front grille. You could make a duplicate of the grille after you’ve bent it, because you’ll have to apply the array/s in order to delete the excess polygons stick out of the front bumper.

thank you GrandeP really much…I’ve just found on youtube how does it works and it looks much better :slight_smile:
I usually duplicate before apply but now I forgot :(…but it isn’t problem now

My grille is usually shrinkwrap + solidify.

useful tips thank you ;)…oneday I’ll have to study all modifiers because there are really useful
no some progress…it isn’t so big because I’m working on roadster version also


another grille completed…I tried shrinkwrap but it does some strange things so again lattice


Lookin’ pretty epic, bohy! Especially loving the back end, it’s all sharp and shiny :smiley:

For the honeycomb grilles, seems like there’s a lot of different ways you can do it, judging from the other posts and suggestions. On my Golf GTI I used a combination of Curve and Simple Deform modifiers, with the latter using an Empty as reference IIRC. Worked out fairly well, but was a bit of a pain to deal with.
Then I found a better trick on the Audi, where I simply used the snapping tools to “project” the 2D grille onto the surface of the bottom headlight, then extruded it and added a bit of Alt-S :slight_smile:
I guess which method you choose depends on your own workflow and the car in question.

thank you Philippe :)…yes there is a lot of ways :slight_smile:
now today I’ve done spoiler and I have to do holder…but later…yesterday I’m leaving for 3 days…


after long pause I finished rear bumper and here it is


Nice work, exilient car paint material extremly and clean modeling. It’s looking great.:yes:

+1 to that - model is looking awesomely clean and sharp, as usual :slight_smile:

Only thing I notice is that light/reflector on the bumper, it’s looking a little strange, but I’m guessing that’s because of the lighting.

Looks cool Bohy :wink:

than you very much…
mslarsen: car paint is in this case really simple material…mix of diffuse and glossy shaders…maybe I’ll change it but so far it works good
Philippe: now it is only transparent and glossy so it is hdri and some reflections

Could you please post the node setup of the color? It looks very good :slight_smile:

no problem :)how did I say…it is really simple


lol, that´s really simple. Thanks!