Audi TT RS

Rendered in Cycles, 1500 samples.

Post in GIMP, removed some specks.

Composited with nodes.

Thanks for looking!

Bump No comments? :frowning:

it looks pretty good, but the lighting is so drastic that it’s hard to tell what I am looking at.

Really nice composition, but I’d have to agree you went a bit nuts on the post… way too much contrast, you lose all the details.

Thanks guys! I tried to copy the lighting from this:

but, maybe I need more light :slight_smile:

Hey nice composition, I like it even if so dark…the car needs a subdivision level, it seems low poly!


The model really needs subdivision…2 levels should be enough.
You still need to work on your lighting though. :wink:

Pretty nice, seems like a lot of cars on here lately…I’m assuming because of cycles:) I would say what your missing that the reference image had was color on the car and also some forground lighting like from behind the camera. Not too strong though, just enough to reveal a little more for the eye. Try maybe a copper metalic orange :slight_smile: or yellow, not that yellow is my favorite but it would definetly pop off the screen. The orange would accent the hyper blue headlights beautifully!

Happy Blending!

Hi Derek;
Thanks for the tips! I’m assuming you want the car body to be orange? Or the light to be orange?

Orange cars aren’t my cup of tea, but it certainly would accent the headlight color nicely :slight_smile:

I shall give it a shot soon! :slight_smile:

Pretty nice! The TT is one of my favourites (I have a dark-red one in GT5 on PS3) :smiley:

Now, I know this is in Finished Projects, but I have to agree that it’s a bit dark - maybe a tiny bit of dim light coming from the left could help - would probably see more of the car that way too…though of course, my own Golf GTI render kinda sucks, so what do I know? :o I’m also on a ten-year-old cathode-ray monitor as opposed to my 23" LED, so that might also contribute to the darkness of the image…

Really nice view!
I’m drawing an Audi R8, and I wondered how to have a nice view of the car.
I like the idea you chose.
But I agree with the some of the previous comments, it needs more subdivision to remove “angles” in the model.