Audi TT RS

so here is it
I will add more renders etc…but modeling is finished…
I will upload to blendswap but I have I have problem with pack data into blend…textures doesn’t work but I can see them in blender image editor…so they are packed but textures doesn’t work…does somebody know what the issue is?


Nice modeling, could you share wires?

I second post above! Wires please :wink: It looks really nice, love the orange car shader :slight_smile:

wires are here…
node setup is by Jonathan Williamson (blender cookie car rendering tutorial) I’ve just used orange color:)


Good job Bohy :RocknRoll: Love the orange colour :slight_smile:

thanks miskolciart…but I still someething miss…:frowning: maybe try new paint shader…but I have new render…and with post processing


If you feel like something is missing I think that something could be real enviroment reflections and interiors such as seats and wheel :slight_smile:

Brake disc, wheel and tailpipe all look diffuse and plasticy. I can see a hint of anisotropy on the brake disc but it’s nowhere near convincing. Can’t get away with that.

I agree with jjjuho that the environment could use something more to reflect.

jjjuho: there in an interior…but only seats…I should add steering wheel
GodOfBigThings: it has reflections but bad visible with this lightning…I didn’t use anisotropy shader…thanks for this advice