Audi TT

Started another car some details are still eft and suggestions

I am a newbie, but looks very good and realistic. Just a little bit of work on the windows perhaps. I would like to learn to make a car so if you know of any good tutorials please pass them on!



I can see some places in the fronts (headlights in specific) where you need to work on the mesh some more. There are also some places throughout the body where it looks like you have seperate subsurfed meshes next to each other. To make them look like they meet, select the offending edges at the corner and press SHIFT-EKEY and drag until the edges meet. Other than that, the body looks pretty good. Ignore the comment about the windows, they actually DO do that. Try turning on the FULL-OSA option in the material options, and turning up the OSA samples. Last but not least, maybe try a yafray render.


Yafray render is in progress right now my first real attemp at yafray so we’ll see how well it turns out. Yes the headlights are still in need of more attention along with the handle to opend the doors. My computer ussualy takes many hours when I use OSA and Ambient Aclussion :frowning: , but I will use them for my final renders
I din’t use any tutorial in specific, i just made a plane and started extruding, but there is a porsche 550 tutorial that looks good and a very detailed Toyota celica tutorial on under advanced modeling. THose are the two I’ve heard of :wink:
I’ll update as soon as yafray render is done

Thanks! Sorry, for my incorrect comment, I don’t know what I’m talking about! :-? I look forward to seeing your next render.

I tried a yfaray render twice and both times my computer flipped out and closed blender so I’m going to E-mail it to my school and see if it can render it. Can you render blender thing in 3ds max? my freind says it renders a lot faster.
Here’s an udate added chairs
any suggestions?

I like the shape and the body, but the wheels are awfully specular for rubber, rubber usually doens’t reflect that much light I don’t think, especially not from the treads

I really like it! That must have been the reason I had not liked the windows: because I could not see anything inside of them. Good luck!