Audi TT

well,after trying my hand at a blender logo(:smiley: i unknowingly posted it in the wrong section),i tried my hand at making a “one of those perfectly realistical car models”.so i decided on audi TT.

Any suggestions, and tutorials for making car models…thank you

Well, to be frank, i saw your logo and i must say that this is quite a leap forward. Its looking very good so far. I have tried to model cars before but didn’t even get close to what you have. So good work!

Wow cool. I’m working on an Audi TT too! :smiley:
Looks good so far, I see you’re making the old version?
It is a good idea to look for some photo references. Note that cars are made from different panels and stuff so you need to make a split between your hood and the other bits. Hope everything goes well.

well,thanks for the replies!!!
ill be soon be updating it.

here is an update…havent worked on the materials yet but still working on tyres and back drop …any suggestions would be welcome!!!

are you using blueprints? i highly recommend blueprints. and what year are you modeling? because i can tell you right now that’s not 2008, 7, 6, or 05 due to the overly round headlights.

edit: ah there are blueprints at the top of the page (/hits self on face). are you using them in blender?

ya, but i just followed the blue prints.can you be more specific on how the head lights should be??

Note how you’re ones are kind of rounded off. They are more square looking like this
Your one is the top one

ok ill try to modify it.

@anthony:dude,all that link gave me was a small rectangle in the middle of the page,although i got the idea of what u were trying to say…but its gonna be a pain!!!:frowning:

here are the fire frames…

any suggestions???:wink:

Before you get ahead of yourself, you’d better give some shape to those parts. At the moment the sides are all flat.