Audi TT

This project has been on the backburner for ages, so i finaly got around to finishing it :slight_smile: Hope you guys like it. C&C is still welcome.

Blender 2.45 + Indigo 1.0.9
Finally figured out how to do proper composition in blender/indigo.

Blender 2.49a + Indigo 1.1.18
'Update - Forgot to mention that the HDR and backplates are a promotiongift from 3SIX0.
HDRI and Backplate from
copyright 2009 3SIX0.



Nice. Just one minor thing - the shadow doesn’t look quite right. Maybe it’s because the shadow is lighter than the car on the left hand side? Sort of looks like it’s floating. The car model is great though :yes:

Very nice! I like it :slight_smile:

I used only the sun on this render, and it’s quite strong. The ground is a matt white material, so that might be what gives the float feel. Thanks dude :slight_smile:

The model is great, very clean and smooth…

I don’t like the lighting, though… It gives a very flat appearance.
Maybe look up how to do a studio setup, or create another set for it…

You’ll loose a lot of attention the way it is right now, at least give it something to reflect.

Other than that it is really great work…

5stars for the model, 1 star for the setup…

Well, i’ve tried some studiosetup stuff earlier, but it lacked quite a bit. Hmm, i’ll go back and try some more :slight_smile: Thanks Rinne!

Model looks great, tried one of those myself but yours is better, I love your wheels. You really should go the extra distance and create an environmet for it tho.

that’s a good model, but you surely need to work on the lighting a little more than placing that sun. Also, the image is way too blue, try some different white balance. And 3 stars?? this surely deserves better…4 * …only for the model.

I’m working on a scene for the car right now, but I havn’t found anything that I’m happy with yet… Thanks for comments and suggestion guys :slight_smile:

Update at the top

You’ve composited the car perfectly into the background now, would be nice to know how you went about it.
The only slight issue now is the lighting of the mountains and sky, they seem a little dull making the scenery looking a bit more like a bill board pic than the real thing. Overall though it’s still a superb job.

Hi seanser. Others have commented on the backplate image too… If i get time, i’ll try to correct it :slight_smile:

The composition is done by uvprojecting the background image through the active camera onto a plane with a wall. So everything is rendered as is. I didn’t do any photoshop’ish composition. Others have commented the backplate too… If i get time, i’ll try to do something about it :slight_smile: Hope these images help.


Thanks for explaining that. If the sky and mountains part of the image was separated from the road and lake and projected onto it’s own plane then it could be given an emitter material that might work to make it lighter.

Wow that’s amazing stuff, especially how your car transforms from the modeling view port to having the convincing reflections in the final render, but its a bit grainy. Are there tutorials that you recomend to learn how to do this kind of compositing? I really want to learn how to make 3d models fit into photgraphs/videos with proper materials and lighting like you, but I don’t know the technical terms for it.

Hi :slight_smile:

When it comes to seperating the sky from the ground, i think it would require a different render. Also, seperating the image would make it more work than ease use right now. I just hit the export button when I have tweaked the camera and it comes out fresh and nicely composited. If i try to do this with blender internal, I might try your advice, but with indigo at least I can’t make it work…

I’ve tried to find some good 3d composition (as I think it’s called) tutorials myself, but I never found anything useful. So I messed with different stuff till i found out that I could achive it with uv projection within blender/indigo. It’s quite easy to set up if you read about about uv projection in blender and about hdri lighting+backplates.

But this all relates to still images. For video it’s a bit more advanced… :stuck_out_tongue:

Great job but I would leave it for longer to get rid of the noise.