Audi TT

Decided to make a car that not too many other people have modeled. I’m trying to focus on clean topology, but I’m self-taught, so its needless to say not perfect. This was the first day (just about an hour) of setup and modeling.


Not too bad, continue on and post some edit-mode pictures(wires)…
Also look up what topography means… :stuck_out_tongue:
It is topology that you meant to say…clean topology not topography :slight_smile:

lol sorry typed that fast

while using optimal draw on subsurf, my modeling techniques work well. I think :wink:


for starters the front wheel arch isn’t flat at the top it has a nice smooth curve. and its’ better to model without the sub surf to start with just concentrate on the topology there’s areas that could be improved upon. have a look at tyrant monkey’s hour a day thread for a great example of good topology

I know the wheel well is curved, didn’t get to that section yet. Also I model without subsurf untill I have a section done, say the headlights and the grill, then add subsurf to get the edge creases correct.

Cleaned up some parts. Day 2 of progress. Still working my way on cleaning up some edges.


Ok so when showing the wires, either do it like this…
Or take a screenshot of the edit mode.
General rule of thumb for clean topology is not having triangles so try to stay away from them. (i think i see a couple on the wheel arks)

That looks good so far. I see something that disturb me around the front lights.

The edges dont quite line up completely, once I add the interior of the lights it will look more solid.

And DDD I’m working on the triangle thing, they are not exactly triangles, but quadrilaterals with one very small side :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ll get a new pic up in a bit using that wireframe tutorial. Thanks everyone for the feedback.

Did a new wire render- I’m currently fixing where the windshield meets the hood on the corner, I didn’t realize that it went into the car haha.


fixed up some stuff, added windows, exterior almost finished.


yeah, I know about them- thanks for that thread though. I am planning to do a sweep of the topology tomorrow, fixing those. I guess you could call this a blocking stage? I know I need to organize my workflow :smiley:

…but in the meantime- the back needs a TON of work, but thought I’d post what I have done now.


So I tried to clean up the front topology. Can anyone spot any obvious errors I made while doing this?


It might help others to mention which model year you are making, I suspect its one of the earlier models because none of the newer ones have a front end like that.

Sorry, it is a 2005. I dont like the look of the headlights in the recent years.

Don’t be afraid to give honest critique. I know it still is pretty bad.

can you grab some wireframe shots in edit mode, side, top, front and back ortho views and post those these wires you have up are kind of hard to read. If you are looking for crits don’t post wires with deep perspective angles on them keep it simple so that the are as easy and clear to read.

And don’t be too hard on yourself its going all right. Keep it up.

Here you go- Shell kinda done.


now that I have it laid out, I started refining piece by piece