Audine's rig test animations

Hello blokes, I’m trying my hand at animating with my latest rig, and trying a little more seriously this time around.
It’s still a work in progress, but I’m at the point where I think the main “rough” animation is done. i have secondary stuff like animating hair and fingers left.
This is the link to the youtube video. I would really appreciate some feedback. I intend to make something good out of this:

For those of you who haven’t seen an image yet (i posted a few here and there), or just want a screen, this is what the rig looks like:

Time spend on the animation so far is about 20-24 hours. 2-4 hours an evening, 3-4 evenings a week, 2 weeks.

looks pretty good so far, one thing I see that could use tweaking is the somersault, she should accelerate on the down movement. nice work!

Getting there! Some of it, like the roll and especially the climb, looks really good.

I think the walking could use more weight, by exaggerating the movement and rotation of the ‘pelvis’ bone, and having the feet ‘roll’. Also related, maybe add more gravitational speed on ‘falling’ movements, like sausages mentioned. This’d add ‘hangtime,’ making some of the jumps, which seem somehow slightly slow right now, feel more weighted and convincing. The only other thing I notice is a lack of ‘anticipation’ in the jumps and quicker movements, but that’s just the kind of thing to be done in a second ‘tweaking’ pass.

On the rig itself, one major interface point I’ve noticed lately is that designing the control meshes to rest outside of (and penetrating) the mesh, rather than using X-Ray, makes for a much cleaner screen when animating.

I think the walking needs a bit more attention, as it doesn’t look quite fluid enough to be a ‘normal walk’, yet also doesn’t seem to be pushed far enough if you’re aiming for some specific special style. Perhaps more overlapping motions are needed, as it seems like there’s a pause before each step. Also, a bit more variation in the walking might be nice to have. :slight_smile:


I like the rig --> looks good (as most of your rigs do)
good job :smiley:

dam, i really like your character designs.

I’m not gunna read everbody elses post, so excuse me if i repeat. I think when she makes that one jump, accross the small chasm thingy, that she needs to make a bit more of a balance check when she lands, i think she looks a little too steady. And also, the jump to the hang looked nice to me, but the hand slipping off looked like she removed it and then dropped it. I’d make it a quicker downward motion, to show she was supporting some weight with it?.. Maybe :smiley: I dunno. Anyhoo, nice character and animation.

EDIT: I watched again, and i think it just has a little to much movement… in the backwards direction?? Whatever direction is behind her.

I agree with Sammaron. The only real issues are balance and momentum. Some of the movements are a bit fast, and a lot of the bigger movements - like the jumping parts, don’t show the force after she lands. She just stops without shifting her weight to correct for momentum or balance. Aside from that, the rig itself looks really good. Not overly complex, but still able to do a wide range of motion and acrobatics.

thanks guys, those are some comments I can use. I’ll get to work with those soon.
The Xray thingy, yeah I know, that’s how I started, but it just doesn’t work well for this character because there are a number of controls close together (waist/COG/robecontrols) and some controls that would be stuck in the mesh too often (shoulders, hairlocks etc)
So I went back to my old approach…hmmm maybe I’ll remove the COG bone.
What would you guys prefer? an extra bone that moves both the IK hands, waist, and torso bone but takes up space and clutters the view BUT simplifies some controls, OR remove the COG bone and just move the IK hands, waist and torso together at the same time if you need it?
I’m asking because I haven’t used the COG in the second half of the animation at all.

it was awesome! great rig! my only crit is the walk cycle. it looks like its walking in mud. really sticky mud of doom.

I’m quite glad you put this up, Freakydude!
I was taking notes while watching the screencap of the rig, as the controls are nice.

Personally, I have my COG move only the base spine, and the pelvis, but not the ik controls. Its just that I find I want to move the spine, and the hips together often - but that’s just me, and the animation I do. If your not moving the COG by the end half, its probably best to get rid of it.

As far as the animation goes, I’d definitely put a rebound in the landing from the first jump.
The arms on the first walk cycle could use some overlapping action. But its a nice
animation so far. Please, keep us posted.

I’d say keep the COG but hide it in another layer. I mean ease of use is always something which is nice to have in a GUI and for me a RIG is nothing else but a GUI for animating a character. Although you won’t be using it it might be nice to have for others using the rig. Unless of course you are not going to release it then it is totally up to your own taste.

Thank guys. I’m keeping the COG, did some tweaks, and find it handy again. Mikahl, to move only the spine and waist, I just move the waistbone and torso IK target. In FK, I need only move the waist.
I’ll keep you updated. In fact I replaced the rig in the animation with the new rig where I tweaked a few things, and this is the result… O_o … oops.

btw, new features are hinge sliders for the neck and shoulders, still looking at the upper arms, without breaking my bbone setup.

Other than the issue with the head the new rig looks good. I’ll be animating a still I did a while back and need to do some of the same actions. It will involve swinging from monkey bars, sliding down a slide, teeder todders, swings and a merry go round. Since the playground is made of candy, the children will be “gummy” children.

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sounds like my teeth won’t like that movie :stuck_out_tongue:
actually, the only thing that visually changed are the widgets for the FK hands, and a few extra sliders. So the rig in this movie looks the same as the previous one :stuck_out_tongue:

hey, for that walk cycle, it would look hot as a skip cycle, me thinks. Just puttin it out there. Plus shes a kinda red robin hood character, so skipping seems to me, to fit in nicely.


A Hinge slider sounds pretty cool; how’d you mange it? Scripting?

Do you mean red riding hood Sammaron?

The hinges are just bones and some contraints. This way I don’t have to use the hinge option for bones. I don’t really like that because it denies all the parents, and I ussually have a master bone that I want to control the entire rig with. The constraint hinged setup works well with a master bone.

Added hinges for the arms as well. Works pretty allright, without breaking B-bones. A minor issue is that when you have hinge enabled, rolling the shoulder won’t affect the arm, but it’s only usefull in FK anyway, so just change the roll of the upperarm instead.
Shot at 2008-10-08

Damnit, found a few new bugs with the armhinge setup. with IK, the FK arms no longer copy the “roll of the b-bones” from the IK chain if hinge is enabled. Not that hinge is relevant when using IK anyway… Maybe I should make the hinge happen by default when switchinf from IK to FK? … gonna do some tests. Or I’ll just dump the armhinge alltogether.

By the way, this thread started to work on the animation, but the rig changed quite a bit already. I’ll work on it again soon enough, but I may have to redo most of it if I want to use the new rig, which should handle a lot easier anyway…

hey guys, dumped the arm hinge, was more of a gimmick anyway.
Shot at 2008-10-27
Movie walkcycle turnaround movie for now:

twas made to see how the texture would look from different angles and in motion. Balade will tweak the textures (two colour schemes) send me the final ones, and I’ll slap a license in the rig, zip this kitty up, and release it.

I know he thread was about the original animation, but I’ve made some key changes to the rig since then, so I’ll basically have to redo the whole thing. I haven’t given up on that yet, but I won’t have time for quite some time…

It is looking very good.

I can’t wait to rip it apart and see how it all works :stuck_out_tongue:

On a side note, do you hang on IRC anywhere?