Audio Analysis v1.0.1


Based on your feedback, the Audio Analysis tool has had some minor updates:

  • Select the file to analyse using a file selection window
  • Changed default Power Min value to 0
  • Analysis progress is shown along the top of the main window
  • Resolved minor ‘frame’ error message bugYou must have Blender 2.43 installed to use this tool. I do not know if any versions prior to 2.43 include the wav file module. If you see an error saying the “wav” module is missing, it is probably because of the Blender version you are using. Let me know if it does not work with 2.43.

Enjoy! Also, I am curious to see how people are using the tool – links to YouTube videos would be grand.

You could have updated your original thread. Thanks for the update though.:slight_smile:

You should probably take it to the python scripts section.

Hi Thangalin,

This is a great update…thanks…