Audio and Video in the Sequence editor do not match in length.

So, I recorded a video tutorial using camstudio and tried to use blender to make a couple of quick edits, trimming the start and end seconds off, but I’m having no luck.

For starters the video track is longer then the audio track. I’m pretty sure that the audio track is the correct length and that for some reason the video track has been stretched in blender.

When attempting to trim the start off it cut the tracks and I could delete the off cuts but the audio played back as if nothing had happened.

I have tried just about every free video editing solution out there and the only one that came close to working wouldn’t let me keep the resolution that the video was recorded in. Resulting in a loss of quality.

If anyone knows of a solution for either my blender issues or free video editing software that can trim stuff and encode in the native resolution of the video (1600 x 900) I would be more then happy.

came up with a workaround, set camstudio to render in xvid, put the start bar and camstudio onto my second screen, fullscreened blender, hit record and started talking straight away.

Solution is to search BA first, differing audio / video track lengths is a regular issue here. If you don’t set your project settings to match your video before you import. Oh s–t! no point you searching now. :slight_smile:

Other issues, what OS, what version of blender. Try latest build and latest FFMPEG to see if that resolves you audio prob.

Using camstudio means you’re on windoze (don’t think/know if it works with wine under linux). The problem with that app is that it records 10 (more or less) fps. So when you import the clip in Blender at 25fps (or even higher fps rates) it is only natural that the length of the video strip is shorter and that it plays back faster and the audio is out of sync.
I do not remember if or how it can be set to record higher fps rates but you could try that.
A practical workaround would be to screencapture at a given fps rate first, play back at the desired fps rate and then record the audio. That will allow you to e.g. show the same frame for a number of seconds if you have a lot to say/explain. Btw, if you know about this problem in advance you could reduce the speed with which you work during the screen grabbing process, i.e. if takes a second to access a menu make that two seconds, i.e. slow down your actions on screen.