Audio Channel Export - Export all your audio channel separately from VSE - free addon

Hi guys, i recently had to export to audio mix a blender edit and found there was no simple way to export every audio channel separately (at least to my knowledge) so i wrote a quick and dirty addon to do that !

When installed, search for the operator “Export Audio Channels”, it will display a popup menu when you have to copy paste the target folder and put a name for the exports.
The addon will look for audio clip in your edit, and show you the channels used for audio. You can then disable them if you don’t want to include them in export.

When clicking ok, the addon will disable all strips which are not relevant for the export, do an audio mixdown for a track, then unhide/hide strips for the next track, export it, and so on…

As i said, it was developped in a hurry for a specific project, so not really intuitive and user friendly, but works great !
I have plans to add a bunch of options for the audio export (right now this is a wav hardcoded) and a proper export temporary windows with a filebrowser when i have time, but for now, it could be usefull as it is for people out there !

You also have to know that the native mixdown operator from blender is very slow at the moment, so exporting tracks one by one could take a while, and the program is frozen during this time, don’t worry, pretty normal !

Hope you’ll like it ! don’t hesitate to comment/feedback/report bugs here or on github !

Cheers !


Nice idea. While exporting stems like this, a nice thing to add to all tracks is a countdown and a beep, so you always can check if everything is in sync.

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Hi thanks for the kind words, giving that the addon exports the entire frame range through mixdown operator, audio channels are in sync, you just have to put them at the same frame. I don’t think there is need for a beep/countdown, unless i didn’t get your suggestion ?
cheers !