Audio in Sequencer

I loaded a wave file in the sequencer and the audio won’t play. Also, I created a 3d speaker, loaded the wave files and it won’t play. User preferences is set for sequencer audio. Help Help Help.

I have found that the audio portion of Blender is very limited. Try different versions of your WAV file. Like 44.1Khz 16 bit stereo PCM. I don’t think all those sub-audio codecs are supported.

Thanks I will try that now.

I am still having no succes with playing back imported audio in blender.
My audio interface is asio audio drivers. Do I need to install other audio drivers that blender can play through.
Thanks in advance.

I think blender 2.62 audio on my pc is not working. I had place the same audio clip in blender 2.49. It works and it sounds great. It only loads in 2.62 but not playback any sound. What am I doing wrong?

Can you upload a bit of the file for me to try? Perhaps there is an odd sampling issue too from user prefs.

How do you upload the any blend file on blender nation?

SpringFlingVO.blend (554 KB)

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Here is the file that I am having trouble with.
Thanks in advance.

Did you pack that audio into the .blend as a wave? I see only a .mpg and it isn’t packed. Sorry.

Can I email you the file. Blendernation keep giving me errors. It is a 2.5meg file.


you have audio muted (scene.use_audio = False) in the sample file. It can be found at timeline window, Playback menu.

I would NEVER have thought to look there! That’s pretty useful feature really. I can confirm that was the problem according to the working test file too.

BTW you don’t have to crank the audio volume to 100.00 anymore :wink:

Thanks guys. All is well. 3pointedit, your website has great info.

Thanks I hope you got something usefull from it.