Audio pluginns

Ive been advised to look int some plugins and have downloaded some. I’m clueless I have no idea. I thought a plug in needed a a program but non say a plugin for what program. I was told to get a plugin not a program. I installed 2 the latest was Analog voice 1.0 but what now. I have a dill in a program folder woo hoo.
I have Audiocity and Soundbooth and not getting sounds like I want. Alien voice.
Can someone explain to me how to use these plugins?
Or can someone suggest a alternative way to make a alien voice?
Also I like to import WMA if possible.

I’ve done alien voices for my upcoming short with Audacity, playing with the pitch and reversing the strip.

If you are looking for a sound editor, then you should get GoldWave. I’ve been using it for years and it’s free. Although I did finally go ahead a purchase a license a couple of years ago (because its such a great program and I wanted to support them).

I use it to record all my voices and foley sounds, etc. It will do all kinds of effects including “alien”, robotic, etc. Lots of stuff. Loads and saves just about any format you can think of. It’s at goldwave dot com.

If you have access to an iphone,pod or pad, you may want to look into purchasing or downloading an app to convert your voice to a robot sound.

iVoxel seems like a reasonable app.

There are others too!

Cool I think I can find something from all these ideas