audio problem in 2.57 (which 2.49 had not)

hi everyone.

The problem is this. I need to do a lip sync in blender 2.5 (because i already did all the shapekeys in 2.5 and they won’t work in 2.49)

So i load the audio file (tried with wav and mp3 both) in the sequence editor and hit cache to ear the sound (from the “N” menu).
The system become very laggy and i can hear the sound only playing the animation (alt-a) with no sync with the frames. If i try to move the timeline cursor i cannot hear anything. so it’s impossible to do any lipsync…

I tried in 2.49 the same wav file and it works perfectly. i activated the scrub and sync options in the anim\playback and sound block menus.

Is there a way to make it work in 2.5? am i missing some setting? I also tried to go in user preferences and change the audio sistem from openAL to SDL but didn’t work…

I hope someone can help me, or i will have to do again all the shapekeys…

thanks in advance!

Have you tried enabling “Audio scrubbing” and “AV-sync” in the Playback menu (Timeline screen)? Scrubbing will allow you to hear the bits of audio as you move through the timeline, and AV-sync should sync the audio.

Edit: I reread your post and you mention enabling these options in 2.4, so I guess you did the same in 2.5. If so I’m sorry but I have no idea, they usually work for me.

no no i was exactly looking for that options and now i found them! thank you very much for the help. However the problem is just partly solved since now im able to hear the sound moving the timeline cursor, but is still super laggy, and this is not really good for lipsyncing… the sad thing is that in 2.49 is working perfectly!

am i still missing something or is the 2.5 that still needs some work??

Ah great, you’re welcome! As for the lagging… I’m not sure. How does it behave if you don’t hit “cache”? In any case if you follow the exact same steps in 2.4 as in 2.5 and have a very different performance, maybe it’s something worth reporting to the bug tracker.

i tried with all the combos… no cache no sync… always laggy :frowning: well then i will report it in the bug tracker… do i find it in

ok people… i have to ask deep sorry to Blender foundation… i didn’t realize that i had subsurf lev 2 activated in the viewport in the file i was working on. I don’t know why on the 2.49 it was level 0… now works fine, so false alarm. Sorry again!!